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"New Orleans Style" Signed Copy



After more than three hundred years, New Orleans style is not just sartorial but also venerable. A melting pot of cultures gives rise to the diverse fashion influences of French sophistication, Spanish exuberance and deep Creole roots. Classic trends like jazz style, the ebullient irreverence of Mardi Gras’ festive fashion and seersucker’s cool lines are quintessentially New Orleans. The local aesthetic established by the keen eyes at Maison Blanche and D.H. Holmes, master haberdashers at Rubensteins, milliners like Yvonne LaFleur and perfumers Hové Parfumeur formed a foundation on which the city’s rising stars reinvigorate and build a new fashion capital. Join author and designer Andi Eaton and discover the Big Easy’s stylish legacy and a new side of New Orleans.


ISBN : 9781626196414
Page Extent : 240 pp.
Trim Size : 6 x 7
Over 130 color images
Published : September 2014

This copy will be signed and dated.

Preview: https://historypress.net/preview.php?q=9781626196414